Your purchase of beautiful flowers, veggies, and herbs will help send kids to Extreme Faith Camp and on the Mission Trip!  
To access the site and place an order for your fundraiser group:
  1. Go to www.gertensfundraising.com
  2. Enter the Store ID code provided into the text field and click ‘Enter ID to Continue’.
Store ID code for St. Anne Faith Formation: 531
QR codes are available upon request.
**NOTE**:  All orders must be in by 10 PM on Thursday, April 7.  Gertens cannot accept any late orders past the deadline.
--If you try to access the site after it closes there will be an error message—the site will be inactive at this time.
**PLEASE NOTE: Quantities are limited on fundraiser items. If an item sells out, it will be marked sold out on the website and customers will not be able to continue to order that item. Encourage your sellers to promote and have their end customers get their orders in early to avoid limited item availability!