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This committee will be formed in the near future.  Please contact the Parish Office 715-247-3310 if you have questions regarding anything related to the cemetery or cemetery plots.
Here are our cemetery guidelines:

Live and artificial flowers are permitted in proper urns and stands or in-ground plantings that are in line with the headstone. New headstones should have a place set in the base for urns.

  • Artificial flowers or decorations stuck in the ground are not permitted.  Glass, metal, or other containers are not permitted.
  • Artificial decorations that incorporate Styrofoam in their construction are not permitted.
  • Real or artificial holiday wreaths or sprays without lights / decorations are permitted if on stands.
  • Trees or shrubs are not permitted to be planted or removed from a gravesite or within cemetery grounds without permission.
  • Decorations are to be limited to one per grave.
  • Decorations are removed when there are several placed on a grave at one time.
  • Summer decorations are to be removed by October 31. Winter decorations are to be removed by April 15. All decorations left on the grave site after these dates will be removed by the staff.
  • Decorations are checked weekly and those that have become unsightly are removed for the best appearance of your lot as well as the cemetery.
  • Decorations are removed when they interfere with the maintenance of the cemetery.
  • Solar lights of any kind will not be allowed on cemetery grounds.      
  • Decorations are removed when they fail to conform to size and/or material limitations stated herein.
  • Please help us to maintain the beauty and dignity of the cemetery by conforming to these regulations and use only appropriate decorations. Thank you.
  • All business relating to the graves and their upkeep must be arranged through St. Anne Parish office.