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Middle School, Grades 6-8


Our Middle School Faith Formation program utilizes “The Edge”, an exciting, non-classroom youth ministry model that seeks to lead students closer to Christ!  This curriculum is designed by LifeTeen, a national leader in Catholic youth ministry.  Say goodbye to desks, workbooks, and individual instructors.  Say hello to interactive, relevant material that is led by a solid adult Core Team who unite to evangelize, catechize, and energize our youth.  Each night includes:


Gather  – The students are warmly greeted by our team from the moment they walk in the door.  After some time of socializing or playing some ball in the gym, our night officially begins.  During the Gather, students participate in a game or activity that introduces the theme of the night in an interactive, engaging way.  We pray together, and get ready for a great night!


Proclaim – During the Proclaim, one of the Core Team members introduces the topic for the night and gives a 5-10 minute talk on this theme.  We strive to proclaim the Truth of Catholic teachings while presenting the Gospel in a relevant, meaningful way.  Short videos and pictures are used when possible to enhance the presentation.


Break – Next comes many students’ favorite part of the night:  small group time!  During small group, students meet in age- and gender-specific groups to take the theme of the night, break it open, and discuss how it relates to their lives.  The small group leaders strive to build positive relationships with their students, and often students have the same leader all three years they are in middle school!


Send – At the end of the night, we gather again as a large group to send the students on their way.  We end with a closing prayer utilizing popular Christian songs, quiet prayer, Adoration, or traditional Catholic prayers like the Rosary and other devotions.  The students are encouraged to deepen their prayer lives and to fully enter into this time of prayer.  The night ends with a weekly challenge to the youth for something they can do to live out the theme of the night in their lives.